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Our long journey began in Nepal with the circumnavigation of the Annapurnas. A trip around Thailand led us to the temples of Chiang Mai, Si Satchanalai, Sukothai, Kampeng Phet and Ayuthaya. We spent the Christmas days in southern Thailand before we traveled to Cambodia. The temples of Angkor Wat, at Siam Reap, brought us to marvel and Phnom Phen startled us. In New Zealand we enjoyed the unspoilt Nature and sucked us fully with impressions of an ideal world. Indonesia with its diversity and the tropical heat, with his kite and the colorful underwater world extremely impressed us. Finally once again attracted the Himalayas with their snowy mountains and magnificent panoramas. read more


Many beautiful walks, from the fixed camp out, in French and Italian Alps awoke the desire for more. So we crossed in a multi-day hike, the Hardanger mountain plateau in Norway and explored the surroundings of the Sognefjord. In preparation for the circumnavigation of the Annapurnas we hiked along the GR5 from Mont Blanc almost to the Mediterranean Sea. Also in the Dolomites and Lake Garda there is to discover a wonderful mountain scenery. Reports and pictures we will gradually publish to here.


An unforgettable experience was our Nordland ride. Shetland, Iceland, Spitsbergen and the Norwegian coast we experienced on a beautiful cruise. We will definitely again explore the Lofoten, it took us there very much.


The area of three thousand in the Upper Harz (Brocken, Wurmberg and Achtermann) is our preferred winter sports area. When possible we spend the winter holidays in Nordseter and Sjujoen at Lilehammer in Norway. Even the Jizera we have explored in the winter.

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